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We Provide:

  • Accurate, reliable, and timely information about the issues of your case
  • Confidence through information to effectively represent your client
  • Complete service from intake to final disposition
  • Ethical, professional, competent, and innovative investigation and litigation support
  • Over 80 years of combined experience in uncovering liability and reasonable doubt


Your practice and your clients are growing locally and globally. With each new opportunity comes an equal or greater potential for liability.

For your corporate clients, there are external threats, such as competition, trade restrictions, energy costs, and regional instability. There are also internal threats, such as workplace violence, employee theft, substance abuse, discrimination, and fraud. The slightest misstep could destroy a small business or compromise a large corporation.

For your personal clients, there are complex issues affecting their families, their wealth, and their freedom. Acrimonious divorce, serious injury, or criminal charges can dramatically alter a person’s life and business.

At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we offer attorneys complete confidence through information. We understand the issues facing your clients, employers, and corporate officers. We work closely with you to navigate the turbulent waters of litigation. Confidence and quality information lead to successful resolutions, fair settlements, and large verdicts. We uncover the facts needed to litigate a case successfully. As legal investigators, we provide you with interviewing skills and research capabilities developed over many years of experience in the public and private sectors.

Let the experienced staff at Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. guide you successfully through the growing threats, opportunities, and complex challenges you and your clients are facing, both locally and globally.




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